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Be an all-cash buyer with HomePass.

Finally, you can compete in the housing market—and win.

Why all-cash?
Why all-cash?

You’re 4x more likely to win the home with cash.

Backed by the investor of

HomePass™ is a new way for homebuyers to make an all-cash offer, compete in the housing market and win the home.

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How it works

You hearted it on Zillow. Now win it with cash.

Sellers want a guarantee, and they get it with HomePass™. No appraisal contingency. No financing contingency. Guaranteed to close. You get to finance like usual, but if it’s delayed, we’ll buy it for you in cash. It’s that easy.

Make a cash offer.

We back your offer with our cash so you have the best chance at winning.

Win the bid.

Sellers love to see a cash offer, and with HomePass, you got it.

Finance as usual.

Pick your term, get your rate. Obtain financing from, just like normal.

We got your back.

If financing is delayed, we’ll buy the house with cash, just as promised.

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You’ve probably got some questions.

What is HomePass™ anyway?

HomePass™ makes you a stronger buyer by backing your offer with our cash. This means if there’s a delay in the closing process, we’ll step in to buy the home for you. After we buy the home, we’ll sell it back to you at the exact same price, no strings attached.

Unlike traditional offers, cash offers with HomePass™ are guaranteed to close and are more appealing to sellers. HomePass is even a stronger offer because we waive the appraisal contingency and home sale contingency.

Can anyone use HomePass™?

To use HomePass™, the home you are buying must be a single-family home built after 1949. You must also finance using a conventional loan, and submit a 2% earnest money deposit.

As a buyer, an all-cash offer also means you’ll always be able to move on an expected timeline.

How is it better than my current offer?

Sellers love all-cash offers because it means the offer you make is guaranteed to close. Think of it like insurance on your offer. In a lot of cases, sellers would rather take a lower guaranteed offer over a higher offer with traditional financing.

As a buyer, an all-cash offer also means that you’ll always be able to move on an expected timeline.

Can I move into the home if you need to buy it?

Yes, once we purchase the home on your behalf, you’ll be able to move in and start enjoying your new home. As you’re settling in, you’ll continue working with us to complete your financing to buy the home back.

How much does HomePass™ cost?

There’s no additional fee to use HomePass™. Both Lower and Orchard earn revenue on the real estate and mortgage transaction, just like a traditional agent and lender.

If we end up stepping in to buy the home for you, you can move in and we’ll cover the costs to own and hold your new home for the first 30 days. This is typically how long it takes most customers to complete their financing.

If you need to stay longer than 30 days, you’ll be responsible for a daily rent to cover expenses like utilities and maintenance. Typically, these are $50-100/day but vary based on your home’s size and location. Your Buying Advisor can share an estimate when you meet.

Who will help me find my next home?

After we get you pre-qualified for HomePass™, our friends at Orchard will help you find your home. You’ll have a dedicated Orchard Home Advisor, plus access to on-demand touring so you can see houses as soon as they hit the market.

When you find the home you love, you can make an all-cash offer for no additional fee.

Don't take our word for it.

“The best experience I’ve ever had.”

5 Stars!

Highly Recommend

Abby Farber, our loan advisor, was amazing! First time homebuyers and everything went smoothly. She was always available to answer any questions we had. Our first home purchase was a great experience because Abby cares and she helped us through the process

5 Stars!

Amazing Experience

I initially was only searching for a price range my fiancé and I could afford. Then immediately after filling out the information Emily from Lower contacted me and from the start she was so amazing and professional! Answered all my questions even if I repeated some! Definitely took care of everything we needed. And worked around my work schedule to contact us and let us know new details about things. Very considerate about timing and very helpful with everything! She’s amazing! Definitely would recommend her and Lower to everyone I know!

5 Stars!

Easy and Saved Money

We worked with Ben Rosenthal to complete our mortgage contract quickly and with great satisfaction. We were most concerned about getting the best interest rate possible and with Low**.com we did, choosing them out of about five lenders we shopped. Ben also worked to direct us towards other ways to save money on closing. We appreciate needing less burdensome documentation and being able to upload all that electronically at our convenience. Ultimately the process was streamlined and simple.

5 Stars!

Very Responsive

"I reached out to about half a dozen banks when looking for a Home Mortgage. Lower came back with the best rates and the agent was extremely responsive and helpful."

Adrian R.
5 Stars!

Outstanding Customer Service

"Jake and his team provided outstanding customer service we were able to close our deal in record time (19 days). Excellent feedback was also received from the title company regarding the lender."

5 Stars!

Excellent Customer Service!

The process was so easy. It was also easy to upload all the required documents to the portal. Jake was available and answered all my questions promptly. I was approved in just a few days.

5 Stars!


"Quick and Simple. These are qualities we all need when trying to accomplish a new home purchase amidst our daily obligations. Austin and his team at Lower went far beyond my expectations in assisting me with moving into my new home. I am in a customer experience line of work myself and I’m convinced Austin COULD NOT have made this any easier for me. I’ll be back for my next one!"

Stephanie W.
5 Stars!

Easiest Process and Closing Ever!!

"This was our 8th mortgage closing and it was by far the easiest!! We had never done a virtual closing and it was smooth as silk from the comfort of our couch at the time of our choosing! The whole process was very easy to follow and understand."

Move first, no stress

Selling your current house, too?

We’ll make you a top-dollar offer so you can buy your next home. Move in right away, then we’ll sell your old home and give you the full purchase price.

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