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If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask what seat, you just get on.”
Launch your career

College Intern Program

As a Lower.com Intern, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start your career after graduation. Top interns receive job offers and signing bonuses. The four-part learning experience includes:

  • Sales Aptitude
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Mentorship Shadow
  • SAFE Education and Licensing

“As an intern, I feel included. They value us, and they’re investing a lot in us. Something I didn’t expect in an internship was having the opportunity to meet with high-level managers and having our own mentors. And I definitely didn’t expect to have a meeting with the CEO of the company. You can go to almost any other job—is the CEO going to remember your name? No. But Dan did, and he really wanted to get to know us interns, which is huge.”

Ryan S.
Summer Intern 2019

Launch your career

Recent Grad Career Track

At Lower.com, you’ll know exactly what you’re aiming for, what to do, and how to get it. Your first 30 days at Lower will focus on training—classroom learning, licensing, then starting to take phone calls.

In your second month, you’ll be paired with a senior loan advisor to learn from their workflow, communication and service.

Your third month as an Account Manager will focus on building your personal pipeline. In just 90 days, you’ll be on the Loan Advisor Track.

Launch your career

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, you are the first impression of Lower.com. You’ll help explain to borrowers who we are, what we do, and gain their interest. When you’re not talking to borrowers, you’ll be gearing up for your licensing test. We’ll give you all of the information and training you need to know.

Loan Concierge

Now that you’re licensed, you’ll be able to do all of the tasks you did as an Account Manager, while also taking full loan applications. In preparation for the next step, you’ll be paired with a Loan Advisor Mentor who will show you the ropes.

Loan Advisor

In your two previous roles, you were sending applications to other people. Now as a loan advisor, you’ll be receiving them. You’ll follow-up with borrowers, ask questions about their goals, and explain our process and how we can help.

Senior Loan Advisor

Your day-to-day life as a Senior Loan Advisor won’t change too much from the last step, but there are definite perks. As with any promotion, you’ll get an increase in pay, access to more loan programs, and have more income opportunities.

Assistant Vice President

This is the highest level you’ll reach prior to managing your own team. You’ll still be working directly with borrowers, have preferred distribution of lead programs, and have an increase in commission. AVPs are the best of the best and truly know their craft.

Assistant VP - Team Lead

If you are passionate about managing your own team, you’ll have the opportunity to move up to AVP Team Lead. While you’ll be working directly with borrowers less often, you’ll also have a few team members to oversee, to answer their questions, provide guidance and lead trainings.

Branch Manager

As a branch manager, you’ll no longer work directly with borrowers—that’s up to your team now. Your full time job will be leading your team to success, keeping everyone up-to-date on training, making wide-reaching decisions, and being responsible for your team.

Leadership Development

We provide everything you need to become a leader—you just bring your a-game. We promote from within, so we’re always helping you take your next career step. Each month, we host an inspiring speaker for all employees centered around leading self to personal excellence.

Launch your career

Growth Opportunities for Everyone

Promote From Within Philosophy

Job Hopping, Not Company

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Designed to help you reach the top.

Over half of our team started at the entry level role and have worked their way into senior positions. From college interns to senior leadership, we focus on continuous growth, improvement and promotion. And when we’re looking to create a new position, we always look to hire from within first.


College Intern Program

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Recent Grad Career Track

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Leadership Development

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Meet a few stars from our team.

Katie Peplin

VP of Lending
Ohio State University Class of 2016

"When a friend recommended I apply at Lower.com, she said ‘It’s a really great company, they do mortgage’—to which I reacted ‘mortgage?!’ Never would’ve thought I’d end up in an financial company, but let me tell you—it’s the best decision I’ve made. Within 30 days of joining, I knew so much about the industry. I took my licensing test, had a mentor to shadow, then started helping borrowers of my own. Just over a year later, I was promoted to Senior Loan Advisor. Lower.com is a truly unique place to grow your career quickly. Things move at the speed of sound around here."

Assistant Vice President
Ohio University Class of 2018

"I received my first promotion at Lower.com just after I graduated from OU. Just 2 years later and I’ve received 2 more promotions. Our CEO, Dan, has directly helped me further my career and I’m lucky to have him as a mentor. If you are good at what you do and show up early with a positive attitude, there are no limits to how far (or how quickly) you can grow at Lower.com."

Jared Derosa

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