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2024 Must-Follow Homeowner Influencers

January 10, 2024


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Home-Focused Social Media Influencers @itshoneydone, DIY Creators, Dad How Do I?, @chriscobb_chosen, @newbuildnewlyweds

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Did you know you should never use the self-clean function on your oven? Or building your own furniture is actually a thing? Check out this list of must-follow content creators—all centered around owning your own home, and maximizing it.




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DIY Creators

@itshoneydone on Instagram

Self-proclaimed “neat freak” tackling messy projects to help you turn your honey-do list into honey-done. Curated, stylish content to refresh your space.

Dad, How Do I on YouTube

Everything from how to change a propane tank to boiling pasta.

Newbuild Newlyweds on TikTok

Did you know you can hang holiday lights with a glue gun? This couple tore their house down to the studs and started over. Lots of tips and tricks to help you on your homeownership adventure.

Wealth Building Creators

Vayna Jerabek on TikTok

Income properties and building wealth through homeownership.

Chris Cobb on TikTok

Specifically this video on how to make money by buying/selling a home. His normal content is geared toward life insurance but he has a knack for explaining things in simple terms.

Home Maintenance Reference

Twin Home Experts on TikTok

Did you know there’s a specific type of toilet paper you should be using? Follow the Twin Home Experts for a wide variety of homeownership tips. They’re pest control specialists, but they’ve seen a thing or two.

@renduh on TikTok

Appliance repair tech on how to maximize and fix your appliances. Check out their youtube channel for in-depth how-tos.

@royce_renovations on TikTok

Everything from how to fix a dripping faucet to using a leaf blower to get rid of snow. They post daily homeowner tips that can really help you out.

Individual Videos to Watch

Keep reading to see the favorites of Lower home experts and homeowners...

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Chris’ Pick

Down-to-Earth DIYers

HomeRenoVision DIY (Youtube)

DIY Creators (Youtube)

“Both HomeRenoVision DIY and DIY Creators cover basically any home project, breaking it all down in simple terms, step by step. They make it seem like anybody could do it.”

Glen at DIY Creators has a special niche for building furniture from scratch. “Is it crazy for everyone to think they could build their own furniture? Maybe, but he really makes it seem like you could.”

Jess’ Pick

Cozy, Curated, Purposeful Interiors

Lone Fox Home (Instagram)

“Home is a space to be lived in and how you design and create an environment to reflect that is a big part of that. Drew from Lone Fox does a great job of renovating his home to maintain its character while curating a unique collection of vintage pieces that make the place feel cozy.”

Emily’s Pick

Core Design Principles to Use in Any Space, for Every Project

Julie Jones Designs (TikTok)

“I recommend Julie to anyone asking for interior design advice—for everything from space planning to where to hang artwork. Her advice about centering a room around one focal point and scattering those colors throughout the space is a core principle I reference for every single space in my house.”

Fletcher’s Pick

Useful home maintenance guidance from a friendly face.

Weekly Home Check (Instagram)

“Kyshawn is a breath of fresh air when it comes to home maintenance. By following his weekly tips, I feel prepared as a new homeowner. Everything is laid out in a simple, easy-to-accomplish way. Something I feel I can actually keep up with.

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