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Buying a House for the Garage: The Shift From Renting to Owning with Chris K.

December 6, 2023


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Garage interior with workshop tools hanging on wall.

This is the latest in the #OwningIt series focused on real homebuyers that are also home experts.

Here at Lower, Chris K. is a VP of Sales. Just after joining the team in 2014, Chris bought his very first home. It has now become a home for his ’69 Firebird, tools, and workshop. And that’s just the garage—the reason he wanted to become a homeowner in the first place.

Chris K's Home Tips


If you're able to buy now, do it.

(Equity, baby!)


Don't be afraid to dive into home maintenance.

It can be an incredibly rewarding experience.


Always get a second opinion.

Get at least 2 quotes on loans/rates before choosing one.

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With over 12 years experience in the industry, Chris’ message to current homebuyers when asked if now is a good time to buy? From the bottom of my heart, yes. I’d tell my mom, my dad, my sister this. Even if it’s your forever home, it’s not your forever loan. When rates go down, you’re going to see a boost in home prices, and a lot more competition saturating the market. If you can do it, and you want to do it, do it now. You’ll be gaining equity now instead of later.

When it came time to buy his own house, Chris had many of the common questions around transitioning from renting to buying like “am I ready” and “do I want to fix things myself” and “what do I do without a maintenance person to call.” But, his outlook since becoming a homeowner has changed significantly.

So many people are focused on whether they’re currently ready to be a homeowner, including myself at that time. They’re worried about owning a home and all the things that come along with it. But doing the actual work is one thing, for me it was more about being ready to make the mindset flip. Over the years, I’ve found what used to be a chore or headache in an apartment is now an opportunity for my personal growth.

Now, when things go awry, like a dishwasher going out or a squeaky floorboard, Chris doesn’t skip a beat. He’s taken a fond liking to the things most renters fear—maintenance, yard work, gardening, mulching, and leaves. All a bit of self-proclaimed “therapy” for him.

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For me, that mindset shift was the key. Mowing is now my meditation. It’s an opportunity to center myself to what matters most to me. And by taking care of my property, I’m also taking care of myself. I’m helping build my equity, too. Owning my home all just adds up to a positive movement in my life.

Chris K. lives in Ohio with his two cats, Whiskey and Tango. Since becoming a homeowner, he’s become the neighborhood mechanic—helping friends and neighbors with everything from cars to snowblowers. Chris enjoys hiking, travelling, boating, off-roading, and of course, taking care of his home.

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