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35+ major carriers. Get your instant insurance match.

You tell us about your home. We find the best coverage with the lowest price. Now, and every year.

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The best coverage at the best price. We do the shopping for you.

Get your home covered and get the best deal—all in an instant. Just enter your details and we’ll search dozens of well-known carriers, like Progressive and Travelers, to find the best offer for you.

Let us shop for you

Homeowners coverage built for you—wherever you call home.

A custom insurance plan built for your life and everything in it. From the cozy bungalow, to the three-bed, two-bath with a pool.

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Get the best deal now, and every year.

Insure with Lower once, and we’ll keep searching for better deals every year. If we find one better, switching and saving is simple. Just say “yes” and we’ll handle the rest.

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