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Win the bid with the ultimate cash offer. Then finance just like you normally would—only 5% down.
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If financing slows your closing, we’ll buy it with cash so you can still get that house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the deets.

What is MortgagePass anyway?

It’s the newest way to compete in the Columbus housing market. We give you the cash you need to make your own cash offer. Sellers love that.

Can I use my own real estate agent?

Yep. If you already have an agent, just keep working with them. If not, we can match you up with your own area expert.

What are the benefits of a cash offer?

Guaranteed to close. No appraisal contingency. And no financing contingency. It’s that simple. Think of it like special offer insurance. Sometimes it may even be better to take a lower guaranteed offer over a higher one with contingencies.

How is the home sale guaranteed?

If financing slows your closing, we’ll buy it with cash so you can still get the house.

Who can use a cash offer?

To qualify for MortgagePass, you must have a 720+ credit score with verified assets and property underwriting. Do you want help to compete with your own cash offer? Just apply to get started.

How much does all this cost?

Buyers are required to provide a 5% appraisal gap (put into escrow and used only if needed), a 5% down payment, and a $1,495 origination fee paid at closing.

Will I still get an inspection?

Yep. It’s totally normal for cash buyers to get home inspections. It may be an opportunity to back out of the offer if something comes up.

Do I still apply for a loan?

Yep. MortgagePass™ allows buyers to make cash offers without supplying the funds themselves. While they are cash buyers, it’s still a conventional mortgage transaction where they apply for a loan with Lower to pay for their new home.

Get a fast pass to home.