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August 10, 2020

Lower.com CEO Dan Snyder inducted as part of the Future 50 Class of 2021

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Lower.com CEO Dan Snyder poses at COSI
Lower CEO Dan Snyder at COSI Museum

"A fresh class of big-hearted innovators has been convened. We can’t wait to see what they do. These are the people who aspire to make Columbus the great American city of the coming decades. These are professionals, public servants and entrepreneurs whose voices are rising. They are leaders already making a difference with bold ideas, creativity, altruism and achievements that will define our region as it evolves." - Columbus CEO

About: Dan Snyder is an experienced serial entrepreneur in the finance and technology space. He’s an investor and co-founder of multiple businesses including a nationwide title agency, digital insurance company and real estate brokerage. Dan is the co-founder of Homeside Financial, a top 50 lender in the country that continues to expand nationally with 32 offices in 17 states. In 2019, he launched Lower.com with the goal of helping every American realize the dream of homeownership by helping them find a house, find a real estate agent, buy insurance and secure a mortgage. Snyder’s companies have consistently been recognized as top places to work.

We need more skilled workers. As Columbus expands and more companies move here, the supply of talent needs to keep up the pace." -Dan Snyder

Outside of work: Snyder is a donor and board member with New Albany Foundation and is a pillar donor and actively involved with Children’s Hospital Healthy Homes. He also partnered with Junior Achievement to fund the development of a financial services internship with underserved high school students in Columbus, and helped lead fundraising efforts to support Black-owned businesses in Columbus.

What does Columbus need to thrive? We need more skilled workers. As Columbus expands and more companies move here, the supply of talent needs to keep up the pace. There are workshops, vocational programs and internship programs for high school students happening, but we need to do more as a city to support this or innovative companies will not come—and they’ll potentially leave.

Snyder’s idea: Having diverse leadership teams is crucial in building innovative and successful companies. A challenge is that the pipeline of candidates traditionally is from the same sources. So if the traditional source is dominated by white males, the company’s makeup will reflect that. I think it would be interesting to get a group of leaders and hiring managers in a room to uncover more diverse recruiting sources and tap into those pipelines.

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