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April 2, 2021

Lower.com is creating hundreds of mortgage experts, not just recruiting them.

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Lower.com trainer Taylor H. helps teammate Lauren F. at the Lower.com HQ in New Albany, Ohio.

Finding and hiring experienced individuals is often the quest of any major company, but Lower is doing it differently. Since founding in late 2018, Lower has focused its efforts in developing talent from the entry level for many of its roles. That is, investing heavily into building previously inexperienced individuals, making them into experts. With over 1,000 promotions in the past year alone, this strategy has been wildly successful for growing the Lower team. “Our people are growing just as fast as we are” says VP of Training and Development John Lanz.

For many of Lower’s new hires, this unique opportunity is one that may have never previously presented itself. Most employers out there seem to be looking for at least 2-5 years experience. So being able to begin a new career, and get trained each step of the way from basics to expertise is a rarity. But for Lower, the investment in developing talent is completely worth it.

In return for the effort, time and money it takes to build a growing a team from the ground up, Lower benefits from a team that’s dedicated to their mission and serving their customers. They also are able to train individuals with a fresh start, without any “bad habits” from previous employers. The extra training is well worth it for the team.

No matter the role, new hires at Lower.com are quickly brought up to speed with a mix of in-person and virtual learning. With a “learn-as-you-do” mentality, individuals are paired with a mentor as they navigate learning the ins-and-outs of the lending process. The program also includes the use of training platform Lessonly to allow for an interactive, intuitive learning experience.

Corporate Trainer Dru Delaforet was the brains behind incorporating Lessonly into the programming. “We’re now able to track people’s progress and instantly see the gaps in collective knowledge. We can then use that data to determine the information needed and how to improve. Considering the company’s growth over the past year, the biggest challenge has been pushing timely, consistent information to a lot of people. And Lessonly allows us to do that.”

Learning at Lower is a career-long endeavor. “There’s really no ‘end’ to the training program here,” says Lanz. “Once someone masters one role, we introduce them to another. As we teach you how the industry works, those skills are going to overlap and make you great at so many different things. My goal for every individual is that while they grow as a professional, they grow as a person.”

Rebecca Holcomb was promoted within two months of joining Lower.com, and she attributes her swift growth to the foundation the Training Team provided. “The training at Lower is a beautiful combination of trust and support. You are trusted to do your job well, and supported when you make a mistake. I felt like I was always being trained and challenged for the next position in mind, and I believe this model of training is what led to the quick promotions and success I have had this year. Training is collaborative and we collectively teach each other- no one is above learning, and no one is left behind.”

Founded in December 2018, Lower.com believes owning a home is one of the greatest wealth builders in the United States. In line with their mission to boost homeownership, Lower.com offers everything people need to save money and build wealth with their home—from saving up, to financing, buying, selling and insuring their home. All in one amazing, mobile experience. All for less. In 2021, they launched the Lower app, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

See what the team is up to at Lower.com, or on social media—@lowerdotcom and @lifeatlower.