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March 5, 2021

Two months in, the Lower app is making home dreams come true

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User saves for a home and earns HomeCash in the Lower app.

Since launching in January, the Lower app is already helping people save for—and buy—their dream homes. One of the very first stories is of a single mom in Maryland, who we’ll call Penny.

Penny came to Lower through a referral from a realtor. This realtor was a close friend of hers who had worked with Lower loan advisor Josh Morris and trusted him to help her friend.

“[Penny] was in a similar situation to what my wife had experienced at one point in her life. Her story of raising her two children on her own really struck a chord with me” Morris said. “I knew she needed help, and was happy she came to Lower.”

After putting offer after offer on homes and being passed up for higher offers every time, Penny finally found the house of her dreams and her offer was accepted.

Josh worked with Penny to ensure she’d be able to close on time. Unfortunately, there were a handful of circumstances that made Penny not qualify for this home—she was so close, but not close enough. Josh worked many nights and weekends trying to find solutions.

At this time, the Lower app was just launching. Seeing an instant opportunity, Josh had Penny start saving for her home in the Lower app. Dollar by dollar, as she saved more, she earned more bonus cash, called HomeCash. The $1,000 HomeCash she ended up earning in the app was JUST enough to cover the additional costs to qualify her for the loan, and Penny was finally clear-to-close on the home she always wanted.

“It’s pretty magical. If it hadn’t been for saving in the Lower app, she wouldn’t have this home. All the boxes she had packed would’ve had to stay in their apartment, and the house [Penny] and her children dreamed of would’ve stayed just that—a dream.”

Here at, we believe owning a home is one of the greatest ways to build wealth. So we created Lower to lower the barriers (and costs) to homeownership—and help people like Penny buy the homes of their dreams. They can save for a home, find their home, finance their home, and insure their home—all in one amazing experience, all for less.